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Blessing Oluchukwu Awamba


A picture of a girl winking wih her tongue out, depicting exactly how radically unnormal I am, and my blogspace is with perspectives on different facets of life, from feminism to sports to film, to health, climate action, quality education.
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You are standing on the front pages of my mind.

I get it; you are wondering how best to proceed, seeing that it’s almost like Spiderman spun his webs in here. I write about a variety of things, centering around life as I experience it, as I know it, as it could be better.

As a volunteer with One African Child Foundation, the Lagos Food Bank, and Girls Inspired Development Network, I am immensely passionate about underprivileged children accessing Quality education.

In 2022, I founded the Change A Child Initiative which seeks to create learning materials to communicate peace-building to younger children, as well as climate action in the simplest of terms.

I have been a beneficiary of a grant from UNESCO-APCEIU and a Youth Ambassador for their GCED Online Campus.

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A mother kissing her beloved daughter on her forehead as a sign of acceptance and love
A group of diverse people, ranging from black, caucasian, latino people




Blessing Oluchukwu Awamba

I write about life; as I experience it, as I know it; as it could be better.