Postcards From Seoul

Pictures that tell the story of how I spent six days in South Korea

Blessing Oluchukwu Awamba
4 min readJan 12, 2024


Author’s photo with friends from Mongolia, Taiwan, Indonesia, India, and Zimbabwe, because life is empty without big leaps.

In October 2023, I was invited to Seoul by UNESCO-APCEIU to attend the International Conference on Global Citizenship Education as well as give a presentation on the work I do with my non-profit, Change A Child Initiative.

This is not the story to describe all I learned, but one for you to feast your eyes on the beauty of Seoul.


Author’s photo of breakfast at Four Point’s Table 32 Restaurant
A picture of a beautiful highrise hotel in Seoul
Author’s photo of a highrise hotel
A picture of a beautiful street painting in Seoul
Author’s photo of beautiful street painting
A picture of the lunch table prepared for my teammates and I
Author’s photo of lunch at a nice restaurant in Guro Gu
A picture of the iconic Suwon World Cup stadium in South Korea
Author’s photo at the Suwon Stadium

Quick Tip: Taxi fares are crazy expensive in Seoul, especially on matchdays.

As a sports girlie, I ventured out solo on my second day in Seoul to see the game between Vietnam and South Korea. When I got there, tickets were sold out so I took pictures and made videos outside.

Then, I got lost on my way back to my hotel. Ha! in a country where English is not the first language.

Author’s photos with the beautiful women who helped me find my way back to my hotel, going as far as walking distances away from their stop, just to help me get back safe

After failing to secure tickets to see the game and getting lost midway to the hotel. I was still on the road after 11:30 pm when I met these beautiful women, at different intervals. They were on their way home from the game and even though it was so late, they helped me get to different points I needed to be to get the right transport.



Blessing Oluchukwu Awamba

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