Give me my gun!

Shut your mouth…

These were the first words out of her mouth as soon as she jumped out of the vehicle.

A little backstory…

I’m in a public bus and the driver has stopped in the middle of the road to pick up more passengers, thereby causing a gridlock of vehicles behind us.

The vehicle behind us, in all its right, proceeds to overtake at the same time the bus driver is moving forward, resulting in a collision.

Back to the crazy part; the woman in the passenger’s seat jumps out to confront our driver, but seeing that he maintains his stance of not apologizing, she says to the other passengers of the car (we have no idea how many) “Give me my gun in there!” while telling the driver to shut up his mouth.

At this point, my lips are hitting the ground, because “How did we get here?”; to threatening fellow civilians with guns, because of a minor traffic accident. Don’t get me wrong, I know that the bus driver was very wrong, but, really? really? Is this where we are at right now? Graduating from “Do you know who I am?” to showing who you are with a gun?

This bothered me a lot because there was a crowd of witnesses and she took such a menacing stance, what do you think would happen under the cloak of darkness?

I wonder, myself

By the way, there was no visible damage whatsoever to the car, and after a truckload of apologies, our gun-wielding Ms. let us off her hook.


Live for Life, But let live everybody”- Marvin Gaye



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