80-Year-Old Karen Is Sued for Pushing 12-Year-Old Neighborhood Kid off A Public Sidewalk

Apparently, age is no deterrent to violent behavior

Blessing Oluchukwu Awamba


A picture of an older woman, screaming into the camera with hair flailing. This depicts exactly how Sidewalk Karen looked as she pushed the 12-year-old child on his bike.
Photo courtesy of Gratisography

As I scrolled through social media last weekend, I came across this incredulous video. It has since gone viral.

The video shows an older woman being utterly disrespectful and abusive to a 12-year-old whose only crime was respectfully stopping his bike when he saw her on the sidewalk.

We have identified the boy as Jeffrey Vandervort, and this occurred in Santa Ana, California.

He’d just got a new GoPro camera and went out on his bike to take “cool videos” in his words. Well, his camera recorded way more than cool stuff. As he rode back home, he took the sidewalk instead of the main street. He was already on his street, his home was within sight, so he paused when he saw an elderly woman standing on the sidewalk.

The video showed two other young children standing in front of her, looking sober. One of them was holding a bicycle. The woman menacingly marched toward Jeffrey and the following conversation ensues.

Woman: “Get the hell off the sidewalk now!”

Jeff: “Excuse me?”

Woman: Get off the sidewalk

Jeff: Please, don’t touch me (by now, she’s pushing his bike with him on it) We hear a slap

Jeff: Why’d you just hit me?

Woman: Want me to hit you again?

Jeff: What the f**k is wrong with you?


Jeff: You don’t f**cking touch me (moves his bike to the main street)

Woman: Ohhh… I’ll do what I want. You tried to run me down the sidewalk.

Jeff: Mum… Mum.. (keeps riding home as the woman abandons her life and walks beside him home.)

Woman: Hey, come on out, mum. Let’s have a little talk with mum.

Jeff: Mum, she just hit me

Woman: (yells) Come on out, come out, tell your story

Jeff: She just hit me. She just hit me. (pointing towards woman who has beat him to his front door on foot, while his mother walks out)



Blessing Oluchukwu Awamba

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